ТМ Molendam presents a new line of natural butter

ТМ Molendam presents a new line of natural butter, which is represented by the most popular positions on the market: Selyanske butter 72.6% and Extra 82.5%.

Molendam butter is produced according to classic technology – the method of whipping natural creamy obtained from selected farm milk of the highest sort, thanks to which it retains a natural creamy aroma and has an incredibly delicate texture. Packaging of butter produced from material familiar to the consumer that protects the product from sunlight and moisture, and thanks to the inherent attributes of the Molendam brand – stylish cows, the classic form of packaging has become bright and modern.

Butter is not separated dish and is not consumed in its pure form, but this did not prevent it from finding widespread use in the cuisines of many peoples of the world and Ukraine. It has good digestibility and high nutritional value, as well as valuable biological qualities.

Molendam butter sandwich for breakfast not only helps to satisfy hunger, but also energizes, helps to wake up. The vitamins of B, C, D and E contained in butter make a positive impact on the condition of hair and skin, improve dental health. Vitamin A is good for eyes and helps to boost immune system. Butter is especially useful for the children’s body, because it contributes to the mental and physical development of the child, protects it from infections.

In addition, butter has a positive effect on the digestive and nervous systems, as it is rich in trace elements and amino acids, and the fats contained in it play an important role in the renewal of brain cells and nerve cells.

With Molendam sweet cream butter, you can turn into reality all your culinary ideas.

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