Dairy products
Corporate Area

For partners

The company “Ukrproduct Group” adheres to the principle of transparency in the organization of purchases and provides an opportunity to become its supplier on mutually beneficial terms.
On an ongoing basis, the Company purchases:

• Raw milk
• Sweet-cream butter 72,5% -82,5% of fat content
• Dehydrated milk fat
• Vegetable fats
• Curds low-fat
• Hard cheese, rennet, fatty
• Low-fat cheese
• Corn starch
• Stabilization systems
• Emulsifying agents
• Salt melters
• Whey powder
• Skimmed milk powder
• Corrugated containers in assortment
• Aluminum foil 125 and 75mm wide
• Laminated foil
• Detergents
• Stationery
• Hardwood chips
• Special clothes
• Spare parts for production equipment

To become a partner