In 2009, a truly unique product appeared on the Ukrainian market – Live unpasteurized Arseniivskyi kvass in a white bottle. It combines the experience of generations in the traditional production of kvass and modern production technologies.

The Arseniivskyi brand has one of the leading positions on Ukrainian market and is one of the TOP-5 producers in the category of kvass.
The production uses multi-level quality control, from the stage of raw materials selection to the quality control of finished products. The production is certified according to the international standard ISO 22000:2005.

We are proud to produce high quality products.
When producing beverages from Arseniivskyi TM, we preserve all the valuable things we take from nature in order to create natural and quality products for you.

Arseniivskyi TM product line:
The line of Arseniivskyi kvass is represented by two varieties – dark and white.
Live dark kvass by “Arseniivskyi” TM is natural bread-based kvass, the result of natural fermentation, unpasteurized, and, unlike the others, not saturated with artificial carbonic acid.
Live white kvass by “Arseniivskyi” TMis a kind of live kvass for preparation of which the barley-and-malt extract is used, which gives the drink a pleasant color and balanced taste.
“Apple cider” by “Arseniivskyi” TM is a mix of delicious apples combined in a tonic drink
“Ginger and lemon cydrovyk” by “Arseniivskyi” TM – ginger and lemon is a perfect combination of spicy taste and freshness
Mojito” by “Arseniivskyi” TM is a classic that has evolved into an original summer drink of natural fermentation with a rich citrus flavor and a bright mint note.

Live raspberry kvass by “Arseniivskyi” TM – a harmonious combination of natural raspberries and live kvass based on barley-malt extract


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