ТМ «Arseniivskiy» – is a combination of tradition and naturalness in beverages that have no analogues in the Ukrainian market.

Under TM “Arseniivskiy” we produce kvass in bottles and kegs, uzvar, drink from rosehip and beverage “Sydrovyk”.


The line of kvass TM “Arseniivskiy” is represented by two varieties – dark and white. Kvass TM “Arseniivskiy” is a natural kvass, obtained from natural fermentation, unpasteurized, and, unlike other, is not saturated with artificial carbon dioxide. Saturation occurs as a result of fermentation and continues even after bottling. This product has a short shelf life, which confirms its naturalness.


In the production of beverages under TM “Arseniivskiy” only high quality natural raw materials and ingredients are used.

Uzvar ТМ “Arseniivskiy”  is a traditional Ukrainian beverage made from dried fruit and berries according to an ancient recipe. A special production technology allows to store as much vitamins as possible and soak the beverage with taste.

Uzvar is a miraculous drink, which was one of the attributes of important events, great holidays for our grandfathers, and has become one of the beverages of everyday use nowadays.

Uzvar ТМ “Arseniivskiy” is a perfect drink for the whole family at any time of the year!

Drink from rosehip ТМ “Arseniivskiy”  is a natural tasty and healthy product prepared by the traditional method of tasting. This allows to save the entire range of nutrients and vitamins, contained in rosehip. These berries have a beneficial effect on the whole organism: they perform tonic, anti-inflammatory, hematopoietic, anti-sclerotic and regenerating effect.


Drink “Sydrovyk” TM “Arseniivskiy is a drink of natural fermentation on apple juice. This non-alcoholic cider, unlike others, is not artificially saturated with carbon dioxide. Saturation is achieved only in the process of live fermentation of lactic acid bacteria.

True, natural and useful – kvass and beverages ТМ “Arseniivskiy”!


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