Investor Relations / AIM Rule 26

Company Overview

Ukrproduct Group (the “Group”) is one of the leading producer and distributors of high quality branded dairy products and beverages in Ukraine and abroad.

The backbone of our business comprises four ISO-certified manufacturing plants with a total annual integrated capacity of approximately 70,000 tons of dairy products. The Group produces  and supplies branded dairy products (butter and cheese) to retailers and wholesalers in Ukraine. Ukrproduct also produces and exports intermediate-stage milk products, including skimmed milk powder (SMP), to Denmark, the Netherlands, Bulgaria, Japan and Turkey. The Group also provides logistics and distribution services to third parties operating in Ukraine. Ukrproduct has a pan-Ukrainian presence and, consequently, has access to raw materials throughout the country. Our wide distribution network – built up over a decade – has also allowed the Group to build a retail presence throughout the country. However, our people are by far the most important driving force of the business. The Group has over 850 employees.

The Group includes the following entities:

  • Butter and Cheese Plant in Zhytomyr
  • Dairy Plant in Starokonstantyniv that produces butter, hard cheese and skimmed milk powder (SMP)
  • Kvass production plant in Zhytomyr
  • Dairy Plant in Krasyliv
  • Pan-Ukrainian distribution network
  • International trading company