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Cheese is a whole culture and history

Cheese is a whole culture and history. This product is so ancient that no one can definitely say who and when invented it. There are hundreds of types and sorts of cheese in the world, from very affordable to fabulously expensive. We offer you a selection of facts about cheese, which will make you take a fresh look at this product.

1. "Golden" cheese 1000 euros per kilogram (about 1100 dollars) - according to Wikipedia, this is the price of the most expensive cheese in the world called Pule. The expensiveness of the product is due to the uniqueness of its production. For the production of 1 kg Pule, 25 liters of milk of Balkan breeds are needed. A mandatory condition - milk should be fresh.


2. Cheese for the figure. The use of cheese for the body during diets is simply undeniable. There is a cheese diet developed by professional nutritionists. Everyone knows that cheese is a protein-fat concentrate, which means that vitamins and minerals are present in it. Given a steady compliance with the cheese diet, which involves holding fasting days, with low-calorie cheese, it can help a person lose up to 2 kg per month.


3. Mice hate cheese. Contrary to the widespread stereotype about the love of mice for cheese, this is not true. Quite the contrary. Rodents hate cheese, since the latter has a pungent odor that is not tolerated by representatives of the mammalian family.


4. Cheese inspires There is a legend that the " Camembert" cheese inspired the legendary artist Salvador Dali for the creation of the painting "The Permanence of Memory". Reflecting on the taste and nature of this cheese, the artist created a masterpiece of "spreading" time.


5. 17 years dedicated to cheese Andre Simon, French cheese maker, author of the treatise "On the Cheese Business", spent 17 years writing it !!! The paper describes the features of making 839 varieties of cheese.


6. Respected cheese Throughout the world, the cheese is so respected and loved that not only treatises are dedicated to it, but also the monuments are erected! Monuments to favorite product are found in Canada, Latvia, Switzerland, Russia.


7. Monument to processed cheese In honor of the 40th anniversary of processed cheese "Druzhba, the Moscow plant" Karat "decided to perpetuate this product in the form of a monument. It looks like this: a fox and a crow share cheesf "Druzhba" weighing two hundred kilograms. It is worth noting that the monument is made from bronze, and its size is one meter on one meter and a half. Especially brightly looks cheese itself, which is made in a multi-colored classic package.


8. Cheese is the fighter for the health of teeth American scientists have discovered an interesting fact. Hard cheese, unlike other dairy products, is able to protect teeth from caries. It neutralizes the acidic environment in the oral cavity and restores the acid-base balance.


9. The passion of collectors. Tyrosemiophilia is the collecting of labels from processed cheeses. At first, this kind of collecting did not have its name, but there was a clear rule: you only need to collect round labels from plywood boxes from the French cheese type "Camembert". Well, then the interest of the tyrosemlophilii spread to labels from all the melted cheeses, such as "Yantar", "Druzhba" and others. In most cases, the product itself does not represent a value to the collector.


10. Cheese as a way of entertainment Every year, in England, there is a championship for rolling cheese. The essence of the competition: the participants must catch up and catch the head of the cheese, launched down by the leader of the competition. The fastest and agile wins. The prize is the caught cheese head, which has lost its marketable appearance.