TM “Arseniivskiy” presents a Raspberry kvass!

TM “Arseniivskiy” presents a novelty in 2020 – live unpasteurized Raspberry kvass!!!

TM “Arseniivskiy” Raspberry kvass is a unique drink that has no analogues on the Ukrainian market.

TM “Arseniivskiy” Raspberry kvass is a mix of natural raspberries and real live kvass based on barley-malt extract.
Raspberry, as one of the main kvass components, is a unique superfood, the fruits of which contain C, A and B vitamins, essential oils, malic, citric and salicylic acids which help to strengthen the immune system.
Despite the fact that this product from TM “Arsenyevsky” has recently appeared on sale (in the “Silpo” trade network stores), it has already managed to win the consumers love, because in order to taste delicious refreshment there is nothing better than a glass of cold natural kvass.

The drink is made according to the original recipe of LLC “Live Kvass”.

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