ТМ «Molendam» – when the origin obliges, and taste tempts!

ТМ «Molendam» – it is a harmonious union of age traditions and advanced innovations; canonical recipes and ultramodern equipment; selective raw materials and steady control over production.

Noble classical hard cheeses, original processed cheeses and excellent butter: all the products under ТМ «Molendam» are a great product of Dutch cheese art. This is a convincing naturalness, uncontested quality and absolute justice of taste – everything is like a true “authentic Dutch cheese”.

Hard cheeses ТМ «Molendam»are represented by two lines:

  • Basic line of hard cheeses ТМ «Molendam»
  • Premium line of hard cheeses ТМ «Molendam»

Hard cheeses ТМ «Molendam» are manufactured under original Dutch technology with the usage of latex and paraffin coatings, which ensures the correct cheese ripening, allowing it “to breathe”. Cheese is ripening exclusively in a natural way (without the use of accelerators) on wooden shelves in modernly equipped cheese ripening chambers. Both lines are supplemented with refined and unique flavors in addition to the classical flavors.