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    Yuriy Hordiychuk, General Director

    Yuri Hordiychuk was appointed General Director of Ukrproduct Group in March 2008. He has been with the Group since 2002. Firstly, he was Director of the Provision of Raw Materials at the company, and in 2005 was promoted to Director of Production. The next significant step in the career of Mr. Hordiychuk was taken in 2008, when the owners of Ukrproduct Group promoted him to General Director of the Company. Yuri has more than ten years of experience of administrative activity and a degree in “Production Organization Management”. In 2006, Mr. Hordiychuk graduated with MBA from the School of Economics (Russia) and earned a degree in “Logistics and Supply Chains Management .

    Dr Oleg Panasyuk, Vice General Director, Head of Legal Department

    Dr Panasyuk is an experienced legal practitioner in the field of Ukrainian Corporate Law. Having started his career in 1990 as the Legal Counsel to a small trading company, Oleg subsequently worked in various organisations and institutions in Ukraine, maintaining the focus of his legal career on Corporate Law. Between 1991 and 1998, he served as a Legal Consultant to the Verhovna Rada (Parliament of Ukraine), where he contributed first-hand to the development of the legal framework that now forms the basis of the body of Corporate Law in Ukraine. Dr Panasyuk joined Ukrproduct Group in 1999, immediately becoming the focal point of the Group`s efforts to create a multi-disciplinary team of legal experts capable of upholding the Group`s interests in various areas of corporate law. Since then, the Group`s legal team has become one of the most reputable and effective in Ukraine. Dr Panasyuk holds a degree in JD (qualified to practice law) from Kyiv State University and a PhD in Law from the Ukrainian Academy of Public Administration.

    Olga Silchyn, Finance Director

    фото ОС

    From August 2009 till March 2014 Olga has served as Head of Accounting Division at Ukrproduct and has proved herself as a highly skilled and capable professional. Before joining Ukrproduct Olga worked at the large pharmaceutical company building her career from the chief accountant to the finance director over the years. Olga holds a degree in accounting and audit from the Zhytomyr Institute of Engineering and Technology.


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