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Corporate social responsibility


    Corporate social responsibility

    The Board is committed to developing and implementing corporate social responsibility (CSR) policies aimed at:

    • Promoting equality and fairness among employees, partners and suppliers
    • Ensuring safe working conditions
    • Maintaining the Group’s corporate reputation and dedication to business ethics
    • Supporting  the communities in which the Group operates
    • Establishing long-term and healthy relationships with the Group’s partners, customers and other affiliated parties.

    The main elements of the Group’s approach towards fulfilling the above objectives are as follows:

    The Group is committed to ensuring equal opportunities to all its employees, both current and prospective. Each employee’s efforts are highly valued and the Board believes that a diverse mix of the workforce facilitates innovation, efficiency and teamwork. As a matter of corporate policy, regular training and development workshops are conducted for Ukrproduct’s staff. These are aimed at all employee groups, including managerial, technical and production personnel. The training programmes encourage staff to progress up the career ladder and are central to the Group’s continuing growth and success.

    Health and safety
    Management at business units within the Group are responsible for developing and maintaining the underlying practices that provide for a safe working environment. Special attention is given to the production facilities, where the equipment, including lighting, air conditioning, workspace and other constituents, undergo constant reviews and improvements. Regular monitoring is carried out to ensure that the required standards are met and that employees use the provided communication channels to further ameliorate their working conditions.

    Customer satisfaction is at the core of the Group’s business model. Therefore, the Board is keen to continue supplying the customers with high quality, affordable products. The Group’s segmentation practices are aimed at segregating various customer groups in order to meet their respective needs with maximum efficiency. In addition, regular market research and surveys are conducted to ensure maximum value is consistently offered to customers.


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